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Hi, hello!

My name is Kieran Thompson and I make comics. I draw and write fantasy comics featuring mostly LGBTQ+ casts. I like to think of them as stories featuring queer people without being stories about being queer. I dabble in other things too, but this is the sort of thing I prefer to write.

Almost all of my work is available for free to everyone. I love that people who may not have much money are still able to read and enjoy my work! But unfortunately it’s not particularly profitable to give things away for free and I am still a person who lives in the world and requires money to survive.

Regular monetary donations enable me to keep working and keep my work freely available. So you aren’t just supporting me, you’re supporting those who are unable to pay for the comics.


Subscribers of $1 or more get an account on this site where I’ll post webcomic pages early, updates on new projects, and occasional other fun things.

$5 or more gets you the option of a cute vinyl sticker in the mail every month.

$10 or more gets you a personal thank you in the physical books when they come out.

$15 gets the thank you AND the sticker.

I hope to add more rewards in the future!


My current goal is to get to $400 a month. This works out to about $100 a week or $50 per page if we are only counting the two main webcomics I’m doing and not any of the other stuff.

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If you’d like to support me you have several options I’ll try to list pros and cons for each.

Option 1, Paypal

Pros: it’s easy to set up, most people already have Paypal

Cons: you cannot set your own price, for small donations they take a pretty large fee

Use this button if you do NOT want a physical reward

Use this button if you DO want a physical reward

Option 2, Gumroad

Pros: you can set your own price, and pay upfront for multiple months

Cons: I find their site kind of weird and confusing, they also take a large fee, though it’s less than Paypal

Subscribe for digital rewards

Subcribe for the Physical rewards

Option 3, Patreon

Pros: It’s been pretty reliable for me in the past. I also post rewards directly on the Patreon feed.

Cons: I literally set up this complicated page due to Patreon’s business decisions. they also charge a fee but in this case it is added on top of your pledge, so I’ll get more money but it will also cost you more. The fees become more reasonable the larger your pledge is. Hey they changed their minds!

Click here to go sign up on Patreon


After you pick your payment method and set up your subscription come back here and Register for an account to collect your rewards.